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Community Infrastructure Guide

Moqui uses Moqui

While there are community resources elsewhere (GitHub, LinkedIn, Stack Overflow) the primary community tools for all projects in the Moqui Ecosystem are here on and run on Moqui using the HiveMind application. This includes documentation in the wiki, issues and other requests, and tasks for development planning and collaboration among core contributors.

Over time we plan to improve Moqui and HiveMind to do more on Code repositories will stay on GitHub but we may add integration through the GitHub API to pull in information about commits, releases, etc. Discussions are an area we may move to instead of the Google Groups mailing lists or the LinkedIn Group. The functionality would be similar to the Google Groups web UI plus email distribution of new messages.

The use of Moqui and HiveMind is still a work in progress, partly with the intent to improve Moqui and HiveMind over time to benefit community collaboration along with anyone who is using Moqui and/or HiveMind. If you run into issues please report them (as requests for support or bug fix here on under the Moqui Web Site project). The move to use Moqui and HiveMind on instead of the GitHub issues and wiki went live on 02 Jan 2018, we appreciate your patience as we work on this transition.


All documentation for Moqui is available right here on

The main framework documentation for many years has been the book Making Apps with Moqui (also in Chinese) but it was written in 2014 and is outdated. In spite of that it has the most comprehensive description of the core functionality in Moqui Framework and the basic data model and service patterns in Mantle Business Artifacts.

Over time we are adding more documentation to the wiki hosted here on and running on HiveMind. Eventually all content from the Making Apps with Moqui book and much more will be here, plus end-user oriented documentation for the HiveMind and POP Commerce applications.

If you would like to help with documentation please create an account here on and request write/update access to the HiveMind PM application.

Questions and Support

Peer support resources are available to help us all help each other. Please understand that people who might respond are voluneers, people just like you, and Moqui is a community (not company) backed open source project. If you need more timely or consistent support, or support is more than a question on a specific topic, consider hiring a Service Provider to help you.

Stack Overflow (largest audience, meant for questions)

HiveMind Request for Support (smaller audience, managed by core contributors)

If you are not sure whether you have a question or want to discuss something, feel free to use the Comments and Discussions resources.

Comments and Discussions

Mailing Lists (most active, also get commit notifications)

LinkedIn Group (less active, larger audience, more general topics)

Issues and Other Requests

To submit a request for support, bug fix, new feature, etc use the My Requests screen in the My Account app here on You may also comment on and edit your requests there.

When creating requests please always select a Project for the part of Moqui that your request is for, and the request Type that best matches what you have in mind. Please also read and follow the guidlines in the Issue and Pull Request Guide.

For core contributors who have write access to the HiveMind PM app you can also create requests there, as well as review and comment on requests from others.

Security Issues

To report security issues that should not be disclosed publicly before they are fixed, please use the private [email protected] mailing list. This is setup so that anyone can send messages to it, but only members of the group can read the messages.

Source Code

All source code for Moqui Ecosystem projects is hosted on GitHub.

While requests (issues, etc) and tasks for planning are here on code contributions must be submitted as pull requests on GitHub. See the Contributors Guide and the Issue and Pull Request Guide for more detail.

Project Planning and Dev Collaboration

Tasks for planned development, especially those involving collaboration among various community members, are in HiveMind PM right here on

You can create an account on to get immediate view only access to the HiveMind PM application and full view/update access to the My Account application where you can submit requests (issues, etc) and more. If you want to be more involved in one or more of the Moqui projects or help with documentation please request write/update access to HiveMind PM.