Add-on Component Directory

Email David E. Jones ([email protected]) to have your component added to this list.

Name/Link License Type Depends On Description
Apache OFBiz to Moqui/Mantle CC0 Data Migration Moqui tool component to transform and load data from Apache OFBiz into a Mantle UDM database
Moqui GraphQL Server CC0 Integration Tool Moqui tool component with a configurable GraphQL server similar to the moqui-framework Service REST API
Moqui React SSR CC0 UI Tool Moqui tool component for Facebook React server-side rendering to complement React JS client applications
Moqui Chile (es_CL) CC0 Localization mantle-udm/usl, SimpleScreens Moqui component with localization data for Spanish and Chile including basic Geo data, spanish translations, localized GL Accounts, automatic validation of national ID numbers, translations for PopCommerce and HiveMind applications, etc.
Moqui China (zh_CN) CC0 Localization mantle-udm Moqui component with localization data for China including Geo data, Simplified Chinese (China) translations, etc
Moqui German (de_DE) CC0 Localization Moqui component with localization data for German translations