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Manufacturing Screens

Production Runs

  • Find Production Run
    • create run dialog
    • find run form-list (WorkEffort with purposeEnumId=WepProductionRun)
  • Run tab
    • main edit form (WorkEffort)
    • notes section
    • equipment section
    • parties section
  • Products tab
    • for planning products to produce and viewing bill of materials break down
    • add product dialog
    • products to produce list/edit form
    • BOM break down and product/quantity to consume comparison, add
    • products to consume list form
  • Inventory Consumed tab
    • record consumed inventory dialog (AssetServices.issue#AssetToWorkEffort)
    • consumed inventory list with return to inventory button/form (cancel asset issuance)
  • Inventory Produced tab
    • record produced inventory dialog (AssetServices.receive#Asset)
    • produced inventory list with adjust button/form (update or cancel asset receipt)
  • Tasks (Routing) tab
    • find task screen
      • add task dialog
      • list/edit tasks form, with status update and link to task screen (WorkEffortAssoc)
    • edit task screen
      • edit form (WorkEffort)
  • Quotes and Orders tab
    • For RFQs (order in pre-placed statuses) and POs for outsourced manufacturing
  • Costing tab
    • dialog to manually add cost (labor est, shipping, contract fees, etc)
    • dialog to add cost from payable invoice
    • automatically show cost from inventory consumed
    • automatically show cost from purchase invoices related to run (through purchase orders)

Planning and Reports