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Survey Screens

  • Find Survey
    • create dialog with simple form
    • survey list (DbForm with purposeEnumId=DbfpSurvey)
  • Survey tab (EditSurvey)
    • edit form (for DbForm; only description and comments fields)
    • User Groups section (right column)
      • add dialog (DbFormUserGroup)
      • list/edit form-list
  • Fields tab
    • form at top to add field
    • list fields in section-iterate (not form-list)
      • field info edit form (DbFormField; skip print fields; in left column)
      • field options (shown if fieldTypeEnumId in DBFFT_check, DBFFT_drop, DBFFT_radio; DbFormFieldOption; in right column)
  • Responses
    • list/find form
    • response detail screen with all answers
  • Response Stats
    • for enumerated options show counts for each option
    • for text fields show count of non empty