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System Message


The System Message functionality in Moqui Framework handles message queuing and processing for both incoming and outgoing messages.

  • message queue for store and send for outgoing messages, and store and process for incoming messages
  • failure and retry handling with automatic retry via configurable service jobs
  • full history of incoming and outgoing messages for auditing, debugging, reprocessing, etc
  • UI in the System app to find, view, update, and manually retry sending and processing of messages
  • configuration on SystemMessageType for the services to use for producing, sending, receiving, and processing messages
  • configuration on SystemMessageRemote for remote connection parameters (usage varies by transport method)
  • generic endpoint to receive incoming messages over HTTP
  • generic JSON over HTTP send and receive services
  • SFTP outgoing message drop and incoming message pick up support in the optional moqui-sftp component

Incoming Messages

  • always store original text from external system
  • avoid interim data structures, for reusable code used for multiple incoming file formats use a service with nested parameters and transform code to nested Map+List structures for the service call (not to persist or use otherwise)
  • large messages with multiple entries (transactions, etc):
    • if can use database data to determine that an entry has already been processed may process entire message at once using check each entry for retries until all are done
    • if no way to query DB to see if done then process large message by splitting into one SystemMessage record per entry so success/failure/retry is tracked for each

Outgoing Messages

  • for each integration define:
    • what needs to be sent (for example which orders)
    • which SystemMessageType and SystemMessageRemote to use (this may be configurable)
  • check for existing SystemMessage record by the primary ID (such as orderId), SystemMessageRemote and/or SystemMessageType
    • in other words rely on data for one and only one message, don't rely on code (ECA rules, service calls, etc)
  • once message text generated queue for sending using org.moqui.impl.SystemMessageServices.queue#SystemMessage service
    • by default this service will try to send the message immediately using the configured send service, set sendNow to false to not send right away
    • make sure the SystemMessage record has been created and the transaction committed before calling queue#SystemMessage because it uses separate transactions to manage SystemMessage state independent of the send service