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Auto Screen

Auto screens are based on entity definitions and use the default forms generated by a XML Form with auto form fields based on the fields for a given entity. There are screens to find and create values, edit exiting values, and view related values for an entity.

Entity List

The main entity list for auto screens has a drop-down at the top with all entities plus a list of the master entities to select from. Master entities are entities with dependents and are the most useful to find and view with a tab set for their dependent and related entities, though any entity can be used with the auto screens. Select an entity to go to its find page.

Find Entity

The find screen has a paginated list of records for the selected entity with Edit and Delete buttons for each, the Edit button going to the Edit Entity screen. The table has auto generated view fields based on the entity fields in a form-list. The Entity List button goes back to the list of master and all entities. The Find button pops a form with filter inputs for each entity field, and the New Value button pops up a form to create a new record.

Here is the Find form for the Geo entity that pops up.

Here is the New Value form that pops up for the Geo entity.

Edit Entity

The edit entity screen has tabs for the current entity and all related entities. It has an auto-generated edit form (form-single) based on the entity definition, including drop-downs for fields that are foreign keys to other records. There is also a simple form at the bottom to export the record and its dependent records to a file (like the Entity Export screen). Here is an example for the USA Geo record:

When you click on a tab for a related entity from the edit screen you get a list of the related records with Edit and Delete links for each just like the Entity Find screen. It is a form-list with fields auto generated from the entity fields. You also get Entity List, Find, and New value buttons like the find screen. This example shows the Postal Address records with the same Geo (USA) set as the Country.