Moqui Service Providers

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Name Site Location Description
David E. Jones Consulting USA David has over 15 years of experience with custom ERP and ecommerce systems based on open source software and is the founder and primary author of the Moqui Ecosystem projects. David can help you get the systems you need quickly and effectively as a manager, analyst, trainer, architect, and developer.
Hotwax Systems USA, Italy, New Zealand, India HotWax Systems has a long history of custom B2B, ERP, and ecommerce systems based on Apache OFBiz. HotWax also has Moqui development experience, and uses an internally-developed Moqui-based application for project and task management. HotWax offers dedicated project teams for short- and long-term system design, implementation, training, and support.
Moit Chile We provide customization and development of Moqui-based applications. Proved experience in internationalization, Point of Sale, M2M, integration of messaging services, and issuing of Chilean electronic tax documents. We are located in Santiago, Chile.
Netvariant Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar Netvariant provides businesses with the most effective digital solutions, that are simple, affordable and convenient. We are developing cutting edge Arabic-enabled software, app and website solutions at justifiable prices for businesses industry-wide.
NTNIKKA China NTNIKKA can provide services for developing Moqui based systems and deploy Moqui based applications. We have over ten years experience creating school management and manufacturing management systems. Our staff speaks Chinese, Japanese, and English. Yao Chunlin at NTNIKKA is a Moqui contributor and committer.
Provolve UK Provolve has a long and successful history of delivering custom ERP solutions and applications to enterprises across a wide variety of industries. We can work with your in-house development team offering consultation, training, and mentoring or you can completely outsource the implementation to us. Using Moqui we can help you build a level of automation that will immediately cut your operating costs - no matter what you do, make, or sell.
Rovňaní Slovakia Helping entrepreneurs improve their operations and focus on important things, provides development services and consultation in the field of office tasks automation, workflow orchestration, data integration, custom revenue management systems, controlling and reporting applications, both on-premise and cloud.
Shinetech Software China Shinetech Software Inc. is a trusted partner and a recognized leader in providing application outsourcing, systems integration and solution delivery services.